Zinf Audio Player

The Zinf audio player is a simple, but powerful audio player for Linux and Win32. It supports MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, WAV and Audio CD playback, with a powerful music browser, theme support and a download manager.

It is based on the FreeA*p audio player which was developed by EMusic.com -- For the existance of Zinf, please thank the original FreeA*p team at EMusic: Gene Hoffman, Brett Thomas, Jason Woodward and Mark Elrod.


Project Goals

The Zinf project provides a stable and useful audio player with an advanced music database. We are looking for increased speed, stability, and cross-platform support in addition to it's current capabilities.


Help Wanted

The Zinf team is looking for dedicated and talented developers who would like to continue working on Zinf. We need:

  • Windows (win32) programmers and maintainers.
  • Linux audio programmers.
  • C++ programmers for development and code cleaning
  • Linux RPM hackers
  • Code Documentation (good way to learn)
  • Translators and an Internationalization team
  • User support people (answer help e-mails)

If you would like to help out and be part of Zinf, please join the Zinf-users or the Zinf-devel mailing list and let the developers know how you'd like to help.


Zinf Help

If you have questions or problems installing Zinf, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Zinf. If that doesn't help please consider joining the Zinf-support mailing list and posting your question there. You may also find some help on the IRC channel #zinf at freenode.net


Zinf Acknowledgements

Zinf would like to thank the original free*mp crew. Zinf uses and thanks the team members of the following software