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Mailing List

Zinf has four mailing lists setup. The zinf-users list is dedicated to Zinf users who would like to discuss general Zinf issues. zinf-support is for discussing installtion and compile problems. The zinf-devel list is dedicated to Zinf developers discussing Zinf development issues and the zinf-commits list is for developers who would like to get notified when someone checks code into CVS:


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Mailing List Archives

To see the past posts to the mailing lists, check out the mailing list archives:


zinf-users mailing list archive
zinf-support mailing list archive
zinf-devel mailing list archive
zinf-commits mailing list archive



Mercurial Access


Mercurial has the most-recent code base

       hg clone http://zinf.sourceforge.net/hg/zinf

Developer access
Make a link from your SF login account to the zinf repository:

      ln -s /home/groups/z/zi/zinf
Clone for RW access
       hg clone ssh://@user.sf.net/zinf/hg/zinf


Arch Access

Arch access has been removed.


CVS Access

For details on how to access the CVS repository for Zinf go here.


IRC Channel

You can sometimes find developers on #zinf at freenode.net.